Advanced Training for manufacturers of wooden windows and doors

What are the 4 main points of the JTF Method?

1) Marketing
It’s a commonly used word in these days, but I realized that only a few people have truly understood what it is about and why it became a meaningful word for your carpentry as well thanks to the Internet.
People immediately think of marketing as something related to the biggest multinational companies (BMW, Coca-Cola, etc.); your company doesn’t need this kind of marketing. The JTF Method teaches you a kind of marketing tailor-made for your carpentry. Have you ever wondered why do you have to face the low-end clients, while the high-end ones go elsewhere? The JTF Method will make it clear.

2) Sales
I am not a motivational speaker and I don’t think that to sell you need to talk and smile – they were useful some years ago -, nor I am motivated by the idea that my window is better than yours. A good pitch and motivation definitely can help, but they are not the keys to sell today.
I am an engineer and I prefer measurable methods over motivational juices. I want to teach you a structured path to follow step by step that leads you to close the deal, whether you have great comic timing or not.

3) Automatic production
Machine manufacturers leveraging the 2018 Budget Law filled your head with the word Industry 4.0 but do you really know what we’re talking about? I met a lot of carpenters who thought it was enough to buy a CNC machine to become a 4.0 company.
No, no and then no, Industry 4.0 does not mean to buy a new machine. First of all, Industry 4.0 means to change the mindset and habits of small and medium businesses. Once you understand where the future goes, then you can include in your company (also thanks to the 250% Hyper-amortization) the most suitable CNC machines to make your production cycle intelligent.

4) Management control
An old advertising slogan said, “power is nothing without control”. Your company today generates data at all the time which are literally gold.
You can’t “feel” or “perceive” how the company is going. You have to know it – precisely and quickly. Data means number and analytics that give you the information about your strength and weak points. When every company tries to cut and optimize the costs while maintaining a product high-level it is an absolute must to understand where the small and gigantic weaknesses of your everyday life lay.

The JFT Method explains you step-by-step how to get your business off the ground. 

Let me explain why you can trust me

If you are reading this page for the first time, I imagine you may be full of mistrust, so even before introducing myself, I think it makes sense to see the concrete things I do.

What carpenters say about me:

 The Internet is full of free stuff. Why should I join?

1) Nothing on the internet is carpentry-targeted.
2) There is a lot of information on the Internet. Who filters it? Who organizes it in a logical way, that it is profitably applicable? How much time does it take? Does your company have that kind of time?
3) How much money and how many tests do you have to do before understanding what works and what doesn’t? Do you know how to measure your marketing, commercial and production activities?
4) A lot of information is in English and also based on American psychology, but here we are in Italy and the commercial levers to focus on are different.
5) The JTF Method is the only interdisciplinary course (psychology, business control, marketing, Industry 4.0, sales, software, cost analysis, etc.), which explains the 4 fundamental points through which to grow your company, one step at a time and in a balanced way. There are no similar courses in Italy.
This course is backed up by studies, major economic investments, and a lot of time you can’t even imagine. After having shredded complex concepts and tried them out in the real world, I have re-assembled and condensed them into an overall vision that is easier to understand, and then adapted it to the carpentry.

Selecting, filtering, organizing in a logical and homogeneous way the information to make it applicable to the world of carpentry … believe me, I did it, it took me years and without the JTF Method, it will be the same for you. If you have seen the testimonials of all the entrepreneurs (carpenters like you) who have already attended the course, you should understand that you don’t have to wait one second longer…


The course is not for everyone and I suggest you do not participate if:

  • You don’t want to know why all too often you get customers who just look at the price.
  • You don’t want to understand that instead of talking about the tricks that the internal profile of a door has, you leverage on different topics, you can sell more and better.
  • You think you already know everything about Industry 4.0 and you already know in detail how the joinery of the future will be.
  • You don’t want to know what things you have to do even before the customer enters your company.
  • In the end, the concept of the crisis is useful as an alibi to avoid moving your ass.
  • You think that … in the meantime the market fixes the price … and that’s okay.
  • You are sure that it is useless to waste time organizing your carpentry with a more industrial mentality.
  • You are one of those carpenters who think they know everything, who are good only for themselves, who are smart only for themselves, but who then get results that show that they are not exactly like that.
  • With a lot of testimonials, it is clear that this time we’re talking about information that will open your eyes and that has never been seen before, but you’re still thinking … “I’m going to lose a morning’s work”.

You can’t miss it if:

You understand that today the real gap is no longer between the rich and the poor, but between those who know and those who do not know the new rules of the game. Today there is a sea of information that for years has been ignored by almost all carpenters (because in fact they were not needed) but now they are of vital importance.

Nowadays, finding customers, selling, producing, managing the company is all different.

So you can not miss if you want to know the detailed list of all (but just all) things you need to do today to be competitive in the market.And you can’t miss it if you also want to know why you need to do every single thing I’ll share with you.

The 8 points that make the JTF Method unique in the world

  1. The JTF Method is a complete and exhaustive vision that describes step by step how to become an Industrial Craftsman or the craftsman of the future.
  2. I am the first in Italy to have collected, organized, simplified all this information (from many different fields: psychology, business control, marketing, Industry 4.0, sales, software, cost analysis,…) and packed them into an overview where everything is closely linked to be applied in carpentry.
  3. Carpenters like you, have added their name, surname, some even their face to testify to the greatness of the information I have in order to help you grow.
  4. I use simple language, I’m not a consultant with big words like wowwww, who then does not understand a shit about what it means or more importantly, who has never set foot in a carpentry shop (so he does not know the real needs).
  5. I do not live off training courses, I am not a trainer, I am an entrepreneur like you … I am a practical one.What I teach, I apply it myself every day in my company.
  6. I am working tirelessly to educate the wood industry, thanks to my technical articles and free posts.
  7. I am the first to have written a guide to be of help to manufacturers of wooden windows, who do not always know how to counter their PVC competitors.
  8. I am the only one in the world in the production of wooden windows and doors able to combine theory with practice, through the most advanced and innovative software system dedicated to the production of wooden and wood-aluminium windows or doors that translates into reality all the ideas contained in the JTF Method.

Stefano, why are you doing this?

Definitely, the main reason is not the money, because I assure you that having in your hands ready-to-use information so important for the future, but also for the present of your company, has an infinitely higher value than the price of the JTF Method course.
The main reason is that I work in the timber industry myself and I can’t stand to see that wood – the most beautiful material in the world – manages to get its ass kicked even by crazy materials (some even classified by the World Health Organization as carcinogenic agents).
The Italian carpenter has incredible know-how on how to work with wood; he also invests in very expensive production facilities, satisfying hundreds of customers every year. Even though he seems to have everything to achieve success and satisfaction, the truth is that he suffers.

If you are still reading, you probably feel this sense of disappointment, of anger because you don’t know what you have to do to change direction, stop undergoing this process of change and start seeing, understanding and exploiting the gigantic opportunities hidden in this evolving world.
Have you ever wondered why the carpenter suffers? It’s very simple: he’s not able to value what he has and does, he’s not able to promote his products/services, he doesn’t pay attention to his internal resources planning and he’s a constant victim of the unexpected. He doesn’t know how to build engaging, surprising and rewarding purchasing experiences and too often he just plays the game of the poor (doing himself a big disservice), prostituting himself in the hope of taking a low-cost job, then complaining at the end of the year and not having money to invest for the future of the company.

I want to give back to the wood the market potion it deserves: the wood must come back into people’s minds (end customers, architects, engineers, surveyors) as the only sensible choice to advise and buy, but to do this you have to evolve first, you have to study the method and apply it one step at a time and I promise that things will change. They will definitely change.

When does  the next course take place?

— coming soon —

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