Software for windows and doors: How to avoid being cheated

Today we are in the fourth industrial revolution and software is everywhere.

Our cars are full of software, washing machines. Phones and software have clearly become the brains of everything, even our companies.

That’s why I wrote the only book in the world that wants to explain through a simple and straightforward language about the needs of the craftsman of the future in the field of software.

This short guide aims to share the necessary and essential information to analyze and choose the right software for your company, because today the variables that need to be kept under control in the production of windows and doors are many: quotes, materials, suppliers with their delivery times, processing, preparation of workers and so on.

For this reason it has become essential to have software tools that allow you to synchronize all these variables and allow you to get data to make informed and winning decisions.

You will then find out what are the critical factors to take into account to avoid throwing money into scams.

Price : 12€

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