If you are a carpenter who likes working with wood

Metodo JTF Industry 4.0

…who loves to breathe the scent of wood chips; a few years ago, your passion was enough to have a queue of customers in front of your carpentry shop begging you to give them the windows or furniture before 6 months, while today you find yourself with far fewer customers, with ever-increasing demands and looking only at the price. Hold on tightly because I’m about to reveal to you the 4 fundamental points to transform your company into a Joinery 4.0: to talk to more selected customers, to sell more and more profitably and to manage your production in an efficient way which is less prone to unforeseen events, as well as determining in an analytical way, costs and business margins.

The world has changed, forget that customers come to you if you present yourself as you did 10 years ago and forget that you can afford all the production inefficiencies that you had 10 years ago. I’m sure that when you started working as a carpenter it wasn’t your ambition to become the “cheapest choice”. Am I wrong?

If you want to return to having the respect you deserve from your customers, if you are tired of being perceived as yet another carpenter who can do no more, no less the same things as other carpenters, then go on reading and you will understand how to become a wood specialist in the eyes of your customers.

Who am I…

Dear carpenter,

I am Stefano Frignani, a computer engineer, co-founder of Kosmosoft srl and I have been working in the carpentry automation sector for over 20 years.

I created the JTF Method (Joinery To Future) because after travelling around carpentries all over the world, I saw that the basic limitations are always the same. So I decided to create the first step-by-step method in Italy specific for joinery, which contains revolutionary information (for carpentry, because in other sectors they are already used) to highlight the key points to work on (I wrote to work, because I have no magic potions or spells, they are all activities that require commitment and sacrifice).

In this era of the Internet where In this age of the Internet where experts spring up like mushrooms, I’ll tell you right away who Stefano Frignani is NOT.
I am not an instructor, I do not earn a living doing training courses, nor writing books, with my company Kosmosoft we develop software dedicated to the production of windows / cabinets, and our solutions are installed in over 35 countries around the world.
I am not a consultant, a theorist, an advertiser who tells of strategies read on the bathroom walls of the motorway and sells them as the information of the century, without actually ever having tried them personally.

I’ve tried everything that I’ll tell you before for my own sake, I’ve opened my wallet, I’ve put my time into it and I’ve done it with my company, sometimes it’s gone well, sometimes it’s not… but now I know what I’m talking about and I can avoid mistakes that I too would have preferred to avoid.

Over time …
– I wrote the book “Software for windows and doors: how to avoid being cheated”
– I wrote articles for the prestigious Italian magazine “Xylon” (woodworking technologies)
– I created the brochure “PVC windows: the things nobody tells you”.
– I was a guest on local newspapers and television as an example of an entrepreneur who has overcome the crisis thanks to innovation.

Here you have the courses I offer: