Metodo JTF Industry 4.0


Before you look at them, stop for a second and try asking yourself, “Is it easy for a normal person, a carpenter, to stand in front of a camera and talk?”

If you are not a Hollywood actor, try to stand in front of a camera and you will instantly discover the feeling of discomfort and anxiety that quickly rises inside you.

Yet the participants in the JTF Method have done so. Why did they do it? 

For at least 3 reasons:

 1) Gratitude

They came hungry and greedy for information and found much more than they thought they could find in their best expectations.

2) I would like to scream “I’m not coming”.

Many of them felt abandoned by the people who were supposed to help them (consultants, associations, consortia) and today they see in the JTF Method, the first real possibility in Italy for channeling and amplifying their desire to give new energy to the wood sector, showing that, if helped, wood entrepreneurs can do unimaginable things.

3) Practice immediately, as if for fun.

They have already made it clear that there is something to be done here. If you’re not Jerry Scotti, making a video costs a lot of effort and is much more difficult than you might think, but these brave entrepreneurs have understood that the turning point lies in putting your face on it.Among the many points we touched on during the course, there was also the usefulness of making videos and at the first opportunity they had, here they were … big, gigantic and with their desire to demonstrate first of all to themselves that now that they know how to do it, things will change.

Testimonials on the Advanced course

You understand well that what I have written in these pages, is not the result of my imagination or some powerful drug. These are just some of the testimonials and as you can see, there are names and surnames so if you want you can contact them directly … no problem. If you want your company to flourish again, there is only one thing to do…

Testimonials on the Basic course

“I attended the presentation of the JTF method held by Stefano Frignani at the Biesse Campus in Pesaro, I thought I would listen to the usual general information on marketing and sales but unlike other times, the issues here are targeted to the needs and problems encountered every day in the carpentry industry. An interesting look at the future with reference to the industry 4.0. It is worth noting the energy and communication skills of Stefano Frignani, an example from which to take ideas for our daily lives. In conclusion, I can say that I spent a pleasant and intense morning at the same time enriching myself with some info to use for my company.”

Marco Galli – Falegnameria F.lli Pandolfi