Advanced training for manufacturers of wooden windows/doors and cabinets

The course will take place in your carpentry shop, where we will also briefly analyze the company’s website and the marketing material you currently use to promote your business. What are the advantages? 1) We can analyze together the marketing material you are using now and see if they can be improved or integrated. 2) We can decide together the most suitable date for your commitments and those of your collaborators. 3) The opportunity to design a new business strategy or production suggestion on the spot. The Exclusive JTF Method course gives you the right to involve a maximum of 4 employees from your company. The price is 3.550€+ VAT

Let me explain why you can trust me

If you are reading this page for the first time, I imagine you may be full of mistrust, so even before introducing myself, I think it makes sense to see the concrete things I do.
What carpenters say about me: