JTF – a help to sell more

Daniele Camaiora, co-owner of Camaiora & Moretti, historical hardware wholesale of the best brands in the wood sector, has begun to feel that in an increasingly competitive market, the best way to differentiate is to invest in the training of its customers.
For this reason, Camaiora & Moretti has decided to help wooden window manufacturers, giving them the great opportunity to learn about the JTF Method.
Daniele believes that helping carpenters sell more, through a structured sales process that is not the result of “I’ve always done it this way”, is the key to giving carpenters, Camaiora & Moretti (who would sell more hardware, gaskets, etc.) and the wood sector in general… the indispensable tool to MAKE WOOD GREAT AGAIN.
Daniele, as a consequence of the great success of this event, has already decided to make a new appointment in the spring of 2020. Daniele, a young and visionary, asks himself and asks us … “What are the costs of not doing it?”