Those who criticate – Those who recommend – Those who do

Over time, I listened to a lot of people who complained about the state of the wood market, which was fluctuating.
I listened to the point of view of carpenters, vendors of machines, hardware, paints, tools, software …
Some of them blame the government, others blame the department stores, others blame plastic, others believe that carpenters (called crackheads) are the culprits.
But, at the end of the day, as well as wasting a lot of time in criticism, who is trying or has REALLY attempted to do something for this business?

Blame others, judging, criticizing, is a national sport, with a lot of champions.

But who has really invested time, money, skills, to change things for the better?

I, with the JTFMethod, I’m trying to do my part, and luckily, I’m not alone, but, unfortunately, there are still too many people that, instead of doing things, just advise or criticize without doing nothing concrete to reach the ultimate goal … MAKE WOOD GREAT AGAIN.