How much do you love your competitors?

Usually little, very little…
Usually the competition we see in Italy is the stupid one, to put it bluntly, that of the … “I’ll give you 30% less than my competitor”
You just take the job, you get the feeling that the company is producing.
You just have to spite the competitor… no matter if it’s under-cost and we do more harm than good.

Yet apart from this short-sighted mentality, which is one of the causes that has brought the wood market into the condition in which it finds itself, there is also another kind of competition.

ETHICAL COMPETITION, the one that aims to win because you do better, you are better, more competent, more innovative, more organized and not to win because you work as a prostitute more than the competitor.

Having ethical competitors is good, indeed very good.
Companies that push to do better, companies that invest, companies that give customers 1000 reasons to choose them.
Companies that communicate to the world that wood is cool, beautiful, good… blablablabla …
These types of companies are good for the wood industry and therefore good for TE.

Faced with companies that present themselves on the market as specialists with high production standards, prices rise and margins rise as well, there is money to invest and there is a challenge in an ongoing race for improvement.

Anyone who is frightened of ethical competition will not survive long, and I don’t think they’ll be happy with it, because it’s just damaging to the wood industry.